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Shijiazhuang Baicheng Chemical Co., Ltd.

Lead oxide red/yellow,nickel oxide ;nickeous oxide,cobalt oxide,zinc oxide,nickelous nitrate,cupric oixde,zinc borate,aluminium tripoly phosphate,inositol  

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About Us
Shijiazhuang Baicheng Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, located in beautiful Shijiazhuang City. Our company's main products are: nickelous nitrate, nickel oxide, nickelous oxide, cupric oxide, cobalt oxide, lead oxide yellow, lead red, zinc borate, aluminium tripolyphophate, phaseomannite and zinc oxide. We can annually supply Nickelous Nitrates 1,000 tons; Nickel Oxide 700 tons; Nickelous Oxide 700 tons; Cupric Oxide 900 tons; Cobalt Oxide 600 tons; Lead Oxide Yellow 20,000 tons; Lead Red 15,000 tons; Zinc Borate 3,600 tons; Aluminum Tripolyphophate 5,000 tons; Phaseomannite 800 tons; and Zinc Oxide 12,000 tons. Moreover, our company also sells paint dope as chemical additive, ceramics frit as raw material, rubber supplementary material as additive, and other related products.

Our company's gross asset is 30 million Yuan, with existing staff of 15 people and specialized technical staff of 3 people. Our company persists in "taking the service as the center, taking the q... [Detail]